Making sure that your emails match your store design helps you establish a consistent brand identity and invokes trust in your customers. Therefore, it is a good idea to customize your Recart emails to better match your brand.

Luckily, you can easily change the colors or edit the content of automatic emails sent by Recart.

To change your emails:

  1. go to your Recart Dashboard
  2. select Campaigns
  3. choose Abandoned Cart Email Campaign or the campaign you would like to edit
  4. click Edit.

Here you will see a list of the different emails that you can configure. For Abandoned Cart Email Campaign, there are 3 different emails set for different events. You can edit these individually.

There are two sections in the email editor:

  • Text Editor
  • Design Editor

Text Editor

In the Text Editor, you can easily change the default text in the email to better suit your audience. 

You can also insert tags, that Recart will automatically replace with the suitable automatically generated content. Here is a list of the different tags you can use:

  • {{domain}}
  • {{siteName}}
  • {{cartLink}}Click here{{/cartLink}}
  • {{unsubscribeLink}}Unsubscribe{{/unsubscribeLink}}

The {{domain}} and {{siteName}} tags will be simply replaced with the domain and site name entered in the My Shop section of your Settings page.

The other two tags will help you generate links for the customer's cart and the mandatory unsubscribe page. As you can see, these tags consist of two parts, an opening and a closing tag. You can enter custom text between the opening and the closing tag that will be displayed as a link.


If you want to place a text that reads Go to your cart' and links to the current user's cart, all you have to do is enter {{cartLink}}Go to your cart{{/cartLink}}

Design Editor

The Design Editor allows you to pick a color theme, or change each color with a colorpicker, so you can match you store's brand colors perfectly.

You can also upload your store's logo and decide whether or not you want to display currency symbols.

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