At Recart we send emails via Mailgun. They are one of the best email providers for sending emails at scale. 

We have a dedicated account manager who keeps his eyes on the IP reputation of Recart. He makes sure everything goes smoothly and the deliverability rate stays at the top. 

You can receive 2 types of emails from Recart. Test email or live email from the cart abandonment email campaign. 

Test emails in spam

If your test email went to spam, don't worry. Since we send 3 emails at the same time, it goes easily to spam. If it did, please mark it as 'Not Spam' so Gmail will put it back to your inbox. 

Live emails in spam

Our inside tests indicated that Recart emails go to inbox in the largest inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL. 

However, according to Mailgun, going to spam is inevitable. Spam filters are so complicated, one email provider can't comply with all of them. 

Our average spam rate is 0,01%, so only a very few email goes to spam. 


No matter what, a little percent of your emails will go spam. At Recart, we'll improve our emails in the future to comply with all the CAN-SPAM Act rules and try to avoid more spam folders. We'll send you newsletters regularly when we changed anything on your emails to avoid spam. 

If you still have questions about email deliverability, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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