As of 19th Feb, we're making a small change in our conversion tracking system. The update is necessary due to some changes in the Facebook Messenger Platform.


On February 19, 2018, Facebook applies a breaking change on their Messenger platform. This change doesn't allow partners to retrieve PSIDs from the Checkbox Widget anymore. The Facebook Messenger PSIDs (user IDs) allowed us to track open rates on the Messenger campaigns. After this breaking change, Recart will still be able to track open rates when customers:

  • answer to one of the messages

  • click on one of the messages

  • subscribe through the Customer Chat

This means Recart won't be able to track open rates on campaigns that are sent from Add to Cart or Discount Widgets and never get answered. 

How will the change affect me? 

When Messenger open rates are available, Recart will work as it did before: the 72-hour conversion window will be opened at the time of opens and clicks.

When Messenger open rates are not available, Recart will open the 72-hour conversion window when the message is sent.

In case you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team, we are happy to help. 😊

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