At Recart, we always work on new ways to make more sales on your store. Facebook Messenger has been our most effective tool recently, and we wanted to give you a brand new way to engage your audience and send promotions.

The problem with Promotional Instant Messenger Campaigns is that Facebook will only allow you to send promotional content to subscribers who contacted your store in the last 24 hours. That's usually a small percentage of all your subscribers, which made sending effective promotional Instant Messenger Campaigns difficult. Not anymore!

We added Smart Promotion Campaigns to the Instant Messenger Editor, which will give you the best solution for promotional Instant Messenger Campaigns.

Smart Promotion Campaigns consist of two messages:

  • 👋 An engagement message
  • 🎁 A promotional message

The engagement message will be sent to all your Instant Messenger Subscribers. The only goal of this message is to engage your customers, so feel free to be creative and funny.

Make sure that this message ends in a question. You need to motivate your subscribers to reply, and the best way for that is to ask them a question.

The promotional message will be sent to each subscriber right when they reply to your engagement message. This will ensure the best experience for your subscribers and allow you to reach your audience more effectively.

To get started with Smart Promotional Instant Campaigns, open the Instant Messenger Editor and select one of our preset promotional campaigns.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please contact us using the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner. See you around! 👋

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