Facebook Messenger is the most effective marketing channel to reach your customers, but understanding who your subscribers are is essential to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for them. This is why we added a Subscribers page to Recart.

This page will show you the name and profile picture for Facebook Messenger subscribers who shared their personal information with you. 

Please note that not everyone will appear in the list, only those who have replied to one of your Facebook Messages or sent you a direct message on Facebook / Messenger. When a visitor subscribes using one of the many Recart Conversation Starter Tools, their identity is not immediately shared to protect their privacy. 

When they send a message to you in a conversation, however, their public information will be revealed, and they will show up on your Subscribers Page.

The Subscribers Page will open up amazing options for you that you can benefit from in several ways:

  • You can better understand your subscriber base
  • You can easily identify and contact influencers for collaboration opportunities
  • You can unsubscribe customers who prefer keep contact with you outside of Facebook Messenger

We are very excited about these new marketing opportunities and we are confident that you will see incredible in the Subscribers Page, so we recommend that you check it often.

If you have any questions, just let us know and we will help you out!

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