Since April 9, 2019 the pre-check has been removed completely by Facebook, so there's no option to have the widget pre-checked at the moment.

Even though it was really easy to collect Messenger subscribers with a pre-checked Messenger Widget, it also led to a negative user experience as many people were not even aware that they subscribed. 😕

We've been closely working with Facebook for a long time now and being an official Facebook Marketing Partner, we strongly support their decision.

Thanks to their help, we’ve been able to come up with several alternatives for the pre-check.

Opt-in Tools have been tested and have proven to be a great way to get subscribers. Being long-term oriented, these tools will contribute to you building a better merchant-customer relationship. 👌

Recart also offers native Messenger integrations with many major popups apps, including Wheelio, Optimonk, and Woohoo. In case you're using one these apps, please follow the instructions on the links above to integrate Recart with your popups.

Adding Messenger subscription to your email/phone popups is one of the most powerful ways to generate more revenue from your traffic. Most of the merchants see incredible results from Messenger leads - $3.50 per subscription. 

Starting today, integrating the Recart Messenger Widget to any popups is easy as pie. 

If you use Privy, Justuno, Klaviyo or any other email popup app, you can find your guide here

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