I'm sure you are familiar with Recart's Customer Chat in the right corner of your store.

You might remember that you can customize the bubble; hide it or keep it if you want. Don't worry, this part of the tool didn't change. We just added a twist so that this tool can lure more eyes on the chat box itself, also to make it easier for your customers to start a conversation with you. These tools will contribute to you building a better merchant-customer relationship for sure. 🚀 

You can enable the Customer Chat on your Conversation Starters' page and you can make changes to the tool by clicking on the 'Edit' button. 

You can add Topical Hints to your Customer Chat once you are inside the Editor. We have some default Topical Hints for you, but you can edit them or create new ones. 👍 

Here they are in action 🎉: 

Once they send a message to your Facebook page via the Customer Chat, they will be instantly subscribed. You can check your current subscribers on your Subscriber's page.

One more step and you're good to go...

Don't forget to greet your newest Facebook subscribers by sending them an automated Messenger Welcome Campaign which they will receive immediately they subscribed. 

You can easily enable the the Messenger Welcome feature in your Messenger Auto Campaigns' page by clicking on the 'Edit' button. 

Once you're inside the editor you can chose the tool where you would like so send a Messenger Welcome. 

Clicking on the 'Edit' button you can edit the message itself, where you can use fun emojis and quick replies so that your customers can reply with one click. 👌 

Please let us know if you need assistance or if you have a question, our Customer Success team is more than happy to help. 😊 Contact us here. 

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