Being an incentive-based solution, Sticky Discount Box is a great way to get people to subscribe to your Messenger list with a visitor-to-customer conversion rate of 5-9%. 🚀 

Why use the Sticky Discount Box? 

The Sticky Discount Box will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your store, and it will expand once visitors click on it. After that, they just need to tick the 'Send to Messenger' box and then hit the 'Subscribe' button to get their discount code.

To provide a seamless user experience, we also added a Smart Display function which enables you to only display the Sticky Discount Box if the visitor is logged in to Facebook.

How to set up the Sticky Discount Box? 

You can enable the Sticky Discount Box by navigating to the Opt-in Tools Page, and turning the toggle on next to it.

You can edit the content and appearance of your Sticky Discount Box by clicking on the Edit button next to the toggle.

You can customize the colors to match your brand, change the promotion text, and the discount code itself. Offer any kind of discount code, just make sure you use the same unique discount code when you create the Welcome Message.

To learn more about discount code tracking, check out this article.

Say hello to your new subscribers 👋 

Once you're finished editing and enabling your Sticky Discount Box, there's one more thing left: making sure you greet your new subscribers with a Welcome Message.

That's not only a great way of improving user experience, but it also helps you trigger engagement from your subscribers so they are added to your permanent subscriber list.

Enable the Welcome Message for the Sticky Discount Box the following way:

  • Go to the Automated Flows page

  • Choose Welcome

  • Click on Sticky Discount Box

  • Customize the messages as you would like to, and click on the Save button, then click the toggle to Enable the flow

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Sticky Discount Box is not showing up, what could be the problem?

Some of Recart's settings are saved locally in your browser to speed up your website. For that reason, you might need to wait a little bit before the Sticky Discount Box will appear. Please use an incognito browser window to see the Sticky Discount Box immediately. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. 🙌 

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