Add Messenger subscription to any of your popups and capture both email and Messenger subscribers at the same time generating up to 500% more revenue from your popups.

Recart can be used with any Shopify popup apps.

This article explains how the Recart-Privy integration works.

What are the results?

Popup integrations are one of the most powerful entry points of Messenger marketing. The usual results are the following

  • 5-10% visitor to Messenger subscriber conversion rate

  • 10-20% extra sales from the Messenger automations

How does it work?

In case you use Privy (or any other popup app, as a matter of fact), you can enjoy our Custom Popup Integrations to supercharge all your popups with Recart Messenger Subscription.

The integration will insert the Recart Messenger Widget under your email field and ask your customers to opt-in before they can get the offer.

And it’s not all! Recart goes smart here: it automatically detects your customers’ Facebook login status. In case they’re logged out of Facebook in their browser, it won’t insert the Messenger Widget:

This is important because all customers who interact with the Messenger Widget who are logged out of Facebook are being taken to a Facebook login page – probably the last thing you want to do with your customers in an offer funnel.

How do I enable it?

Just drop us a message and our Success Team will implement the integration for you. The process usually takes 15-20 minutes. Our team will make sure that the integration works perfectly on all browsers and devices.

How much does it cost?

Custom popup integrations are available in a $99/mo add-on. After activation, you'll see an extra $99 monthly charge on your bill. Recart Scale Plan customers can enjoy the integration for free.

Got any questions? We are happy to help! Feel free to reach out to our support team here. 😊 

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