Add Messenger subscription to any of your popups and capture both email and Messenger subscribers at the same time generating up to 500% more revenue from your popups. 

Recart can be used with any Shopify popup apps but it also offers native popup integrations for Wheelio, Optimonk, and WooHoo users. 

This article explains how to enable the WooHoo integration. 

What are the results?

Next to collecting emails, you'll have customers who are logged into Facebook opt-in into your Messenger list with one single click, increasing your visitor to subscriber conversion rate by 20-50%. On top of that, it ensures 10-20% extra sales from the Messenger automations. Alternatively, you can choose to collect only Messenger subscribers if you are not focusing on building your email list at the moment. 

This is currently one of the best ways to build a list and connect with your customers on Messenger.

How do I collect subscribers with WooHoo?

  1. Email or Messenger mode (a.k.a Smart Messenger mode) – collecting email or Messenger subscribers based on their Facebook login status 

Enabling the integration is a piece of cake, just install both apps on your store and follow the steps below.

  1. Email or Messenger mode (a.k.a Smart Messenger mode)

This mode shows the Messenger or the email subscription based on the Facebook login status in the customers’ browser. In case they’re logged into Facebook, you ask for a one-tap Messenger subscription. If they’re logged out, the popup will show the email field alone.

This mode is great for maximizing conversion rates. The one-tap Messenger subscription usually boosts the popup conversion rate by 15-25%. If you want to have the maximum amount of customers in either your Messenger or email list, this mode is for you.

Average conversion rate: 14%

How to enable it:

  1. Enter the WooHoo app
  2. Go to your Settings, and then make sure to enable Collect Messenger leads.

What's next?

After enabling the integration, don't forget to set up a Welcome message in your Recart account for your WooHoo subscribers. 💪 

It is a great way to send an automated message the moment people subscribe. And it's also perfect for providing a warm welcome to them, and make them reply back to your site so that you can later on send them a Sponsored Message

  1. Go to your Messenger Dashboard and click on Auto Campaigns 
  2. Go to the Messenger Welcome's editor and enable the welcome message for WooHoo

In the editor, you can build up a chatbot, where an automated message will fire out after your customers reply. 🎉 Again, it is important to build a conversation with the customers as it is their replies that later enable you to send them Sponsored Messages. 

Now your Recart-WooHoo integration is live, and no further action is required. 🙌 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team, we are always happy to help. 😊

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