Use Recart's Custom Conversation Flows to automate Messenger conversations with your customers. Unlock your best deals & exclusive content, subscribe people to Messenger list, and send automated follow-up to customers who don't add items to cart.

In case you're not familiar with how powerful Messenger Flows are, please read this blog post first.

Here are the three main ways merchants use our Custom Conversations Flows for:

  • Drive people from Facebook/Instagram Ads to Messenger conversations (and convert them to customers with discounts & follow-up messages)
  • Use Recart links to promote VIP Messenger membership in email newsletters and send people to the Messenger conversation
  • Using the Facebook Ad Manager, send Sponsored Messages the Messenger Audience and trigger the Recart Flow once customers interact with the message

Create a Custom Conversation Flow

There are two ways to create a new Custom Conversation Flow in Recart:

1. Go to our Flow Template Library and pick a template to start with

Pick a template you like and click on Use This Flow (make sure you're logged into Recart)

The flow is created in your Recart account and is ready to edit, save, and enable! 

2. Start a Custom Flow from scratch on your Messenger Dashboard:

Once you finalized the flow, click on Save and use the toggle to Enable it.

People are busy. Always follow up.

All templates include built-in follow ups that send reminders to customers who haven't added anything to cart.
If you have your Abandoned Cart campaigns enabled, always use the Has items in cart: False condition to trigger the follow-up. In case they already added something to cart, either the Abandoned Cart or the Receipt campaign will take over. 

How to create follow-ups from scratch

To create follow ups, use the "+ Add Follow-Up" button at the bottom of messages and attach a delay and a conditional split block. Here's how easy it is to add a delayed conditional follow-up to your promotional messages. 

Now you'll follow-up all prospects who asked for the discount code but haven't added anything to cart in the next hour. 

Facebook Ads - Trigger Messenger Flows from your Facebook and Instagram ads

You can set up Click-to-Messenger Ads and connect your Flows to them in a few minutes. Here's your step-by-step guide. 

If you're already familiar with connecting bot payloads to your Click-to-Messenger Ads, just copy the boy payload from the top bar of the Flow Editor: links - To trigger your Flow from a link or a button, you can get the link here: 

Please note that all customers who didn't have interaction with you on Messenger before will need to tap on the Get Started button to trigger the flow. Recart places adds the Get Started button to your page automatically. For those, who already contacted you on Messenger, the flow will automatically start.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help. 😊 

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