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How to analyze your Sponsored Message results

After sending a successful Sponsored message you have all the useful data you need to see how it performed. It's important to understand your statistics and gathered data to improve your future Sponsored messages and generate more sales from them. 

When you take a look at your Sponsored Message campaign results, there are some metrics in Facebook Ad Manager Analytics which are confusing. We'd like to help with that in this article. 

  • Reach and Impression: These are basically the same for Sponsored Messages, both mean that the # of messages sent. Here is an example:

  • Messenger replies shows all replies you received to the first message of Sponsored Message: both manual reply and Recart bot triggers count as replies. Note: In case you use a non-gated promotion and drive people to your store directly from the first message, you won't have many replies as link clicks don't count as replies. 

  • New Messaging Connections shows the # of new conversations you generated with a campaign. That number is usually 0 for all Sponsored Messages as it only get delivered to customers with open conversation. 

  • Link Clicks & Unique Link Clicks: All link & unique link clicks on the first message. In case you use a gated promotions and trigger a Recart Flow, you won't see link clicks here. (Facebook doesn't measure link clicks from Recart messages.) 

  • Blocked Messaging Connections: All recipients who deleted the conversation or turned off messages after got the Sponsored Message.

When your Sponsored message is linked to a Recart Flow it's essential to note that Facebook does not track link clicks on the Recart bot messages. 

We hope this helps you understand a little bit more your analytics connected to your Sponsored Messages. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 😊