When customer unsubscribe from Recart messages they won't receive further campaigns from the Recart bot. 

However, Facebook doesn't detect this, which means that unsubscribed customers will receive your Sponsored Messages regardless their unsubscription from Recart message. This can cause confusion and frustration.

Sponsored Messages are one of the best way to reach a huge amount of possible customer, nonetheless it can cause confusion and annoyance within your subscribers; and eventually, it can result a high blocking rate. 

The solution

You can exclude your unsubscribed customers from Sponsored Messages by asking for an audience export from the Recart support. Once you get the audience csv, you can upload it as a Custom Audience and exclude them from your Sponsored Message:

Please contact us to get the audience export. After the export is done, here are the steps you need to follow to upload them as a Custom Audience:

  1. Open the Business Manager and navigate to Audiences

   2. Click on Get Started or on Create audience

   3. Upload your Custom csv. file

   4. Then name your Audience and click on Next
   5. Choose your Customer Value Column: pageId
   6. Navigate to Action needed tab and choose: Facebook Page User ID

   7. Click on Enter Facebook Page IDs and enter it
   8. Click on Upload and Create 🎉 

Let your audience know that they can turn off both Recart and Sponsored messages from your page

  • They can just simply click on the blue tick on the top right corner and click on Turn off messages:
  • Also, they can swipe the conversation left to delete it by clicking on the red dustbin. This way, they will opt-out from both Recart and Facebook Ad messages.

Here is a nice example in case your customer support team would like to save it and create a saved reply out of it:

Hi there,

We're sorry for the inconvenience. To unsubscribe from all our messages, please go to the blue tick on the top right and tap on "Turn Off Messages". Sorry to bother you, have a nice day. 🌻 

For further information, feel free to contact our support team, we are happy to help. 😊 

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