Create Facebook and Instagram ads that take customers to a Recart Conversation Flows. Unlock exclusive content or offers, run product quizzes or teach them about your mission and products.

Our high-converting flows will help you convert prospects into customers by offering discounts and sending automated reminders in case they don't purchase. Thanks to the 90% open rates on Messenger, you can easily achieve 5-12X ROAS with Click to Messenger Ads.

Before you can start setting up your Click to Messenger ad in Recart, in your Facebook Ads Manager you must have:

  • a Campaign, with Messages Objective 
  • an Ad Set in it with an end date in the future (we recommend setting it at least 7 days ahead in the future) 
  • and the destination set to 'Click to Messenger'

It's necessary to have at least one campaign in your Ads Manager with these criteria because Recart will import the Click to Messenger Flow into one of the eligible campaigns.

If you've met all these criteria, please follow the steps below. 👇 

1. Template or New Flow

You can choose to start with one of our pre-built Messenger Ad Flow Templates, or start one from scratch. 

To start from a Template, please use our Library to pick one:

Once you chose a Template to use, click on "Use This Flow"

To start a building new Flow from scratch, please navigate to Recart Messenger Dashboard and click the 'Create New' button in the Custom Conversation Flow section:

2. If you've not yet connected your Facebook Ad account you'll be prompted to do so.

3. Click the 'Connect' button, you will be directed to the connect page, where you'll need to pick your Ad Account 

4. Once that's done, you'll be directed back to the wizard. Now you'll be able to select 'Click to Messenger Ad' and click 'Start'.

5. Select and copy your Facebook ad - you can select the ad from the list shown below 👇 or 

just click on 'click here' and you can copy the Ad ID from your Facebook Manager ( if you can't find the Ad ID you can just copy the Ad's URL and paste it. 👌)

6. After that you can select one of your existing campaign for your Facebook Ad.

if you aren't able to select your campaign and click 'Next', then the issue is with one of the pre-requisites mentioned at the top of this article. ☝️

7. Last but not least, you'll also have to select the Ad Set from your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

8. If everything looks good, click 'Continue to Flow Editor' and start building your Click to Messenger Flow.

9. Edit your Flow and once you're ready, you can test & enable it. When you enable the Flow in Recart, the Ad will become Active in your Ad Account

10. Go to your Ad Manager check if the Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad is set & activated properly. You can add segmentation to the Ad Set using Facebook's Audience Tools.

And that's it! 🚀 Your Click to Messenger Campaign will be sent to your audience after a successful Facebook review.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a Facebook ad format which means I have to set a bid. Now I have to pay for collecting new subscribers?

Yes, you need to bid in order for your ad to run. However, this is going to be the most profitable campaign you'll run. It costs $0.10 on average to send out a message, and you can expect 15-40X ROAS from your Click to Messenger ads.

  • How do I use the Conversation Flow Editor?

Recart's Conversation Flow Editor is an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor, that lets you connect messages to each other, creating a unique, engaging and automated conversation. Drag elements from the left-hand menu to the canvas, and connect the messages to each other to create a flow. If you're looking for a detailed walkthrough, check out this article.

  • I don't have a suitable campaign in my list, what should I do?

First things first, make sure that you have a Facebook campaign in your Ads Manager with the objective of Messages in order for Recart to run Click to Messenger ads. 

You can either copy one of your previously created ads and change its settings to Messages objective, or you can create a new ad from scratch.

You also need to have an Ad Set with Sponsored message as its destination.
Please note that the ad set should be from the same Facebook page you connected your Recart Dashboard to.

In case you don't have a suitable ad set yet, go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign with the Quick Creation workflow:

  1. While creating a new campaign, select Messages as your campaign objective:

  2. Then set a name to your new campaign on all levels: campaign name, ad set name and ad name. Then save your campaign to draft.

  3. Now - despite the fact that your newly created campaign is practically empty, click on publish.

After your campaign and ad set is published, you can go back to the Recart dashboard and continue with the steps mentioned in the beginning of this article to create your Click to Messenger ad. ☝️

  • How can I find my campaign, ad set or ad ID in your Ads Manager?

You'll need your ad ID for Recart, and you can locate it if you click on 'Edit' under your campaign's name. Then, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and you'll find your ad ID:

Also, you can locate your campaign, ad set and ad ID from the URL or your campaign. 👍 

  • My question is not discussed here. Can you help?

We're always here to assist you! Feel free to contact our Customer Success team, we'd love to help! 😊 

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