You may very well remember Recart as an omnichannel marketing tool, serving your abandoned cart email, push notifications and Messenger marketing objectives.

We believe Messenger marketing - and conversational experiences in general - is the future of ecommerce marketing, so we're doubling down on developing Messenger features. We're pretty sure they'll become indispensable tools to scale your ecommerce business.

As a consequence, we've decided to sunset our push notification features. When they were introduced, they were amazingly effective. But as we switched our focus to Messenger, time went by and we didn't improve upon the initial success of push notifications.

Starting from April 30 2020, push notifications are being phased out.

According to our experiences working with thousands of ecommerce store owners, Messenger campaigns outperform any other channels in terms of open rates, clickthrough rates and revenue.

However, we understand that it may cause some headache for you. If you want to stick to using push notifications in your online store, we got you covered.

We negotiated a deal with PushOwl. It's the leading web push notification solution for Shopify stores. If you've been a Recart user, and want to continue relying on push notifications, you'll get 3 months of free trial from PushOwl.

To redeem your offer, go to your Recart account, go to your push notifications dashboard, and find your coupon code there.

Use the coupon code when you sign up for PushOwl, and you'll automatically get 90 days free trial.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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