Connecting Recart to Attentive

For this integration you need to ask your Client Strategy Manager at Attentive

  • to provide an API key

  • enable single-opt in for the Recart integration

Once this is done, you will be able to set up the integration in your Recart account under the Integrations page.

Click on Activate

Enter your API key in the API key field

Then click on Connect to Attentive

You are all set 🎉

Now all of your subscribers who subscribed with a phone number will be synced to your Attentive list.

How to turn the integration on and off?

Simply by switching the toggle.

Is it possible to change the API key?

Yes, you can easily change it by clicking on the Change button.

What are the benefits of this integration?

There are two main benefits to this integration. 1: You can grow your Attentive list effectively, without asking customers to type in their phone number. 2: You will get access to additional personal information, including name, gender, location, time zone, etc.

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