I’m thrilled to welcome you in the Recart family!
Let’s start with the very first step: Install Recart on your site.

You can install our pre-built cart abandonment emails in 2 single steps:

  1. Create a Recart Account
  2. Install Recart plugin on your WooCommerce site

1. Create a Recart account

If you already have an account, please skip this step.

Go to recart.com and click on 'Login' on the top right. Please choose WooCommerce from the three possible choices:

Enter your data and you’ll be redirected to the next step immediately.

Enter your information and create your account

2. Install Recart plugin on your site

On the next page of setup wizard, you need to choose your platform. Choose WooCommerce, and follow the instructions.

4 simple steps, that’s it!

After the plugin is uploaded and activated correctly, click Next.

3) Add your personal information on the wizard

No dozens of fields to fill out – only the necessary stuff.

Your name and your currency are all you need to enter on this page. You can edit your URL here if you need.

4) Add your personal information on the wizard

3 more fields and you’re done.

We need your shop name, your customer service email (this is what will be the ‘reply to’ in your emails). You can choose your emails from 23 languages.

5) You’re done!

Yes, that’s it! It didn't take more than a minute. After clicking ‘Activate Recart’ your emails will be activated. All your cart abandoners will be captured and the recovery emails will be sent automatically. You can check and edit your emails on your Campaigns page.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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