Recart's pricing is based on the attributed revenue it makes for you. You can read more about it here.

But will you be charged in case Recart doesn't make you attributed revenue? 

The short answer: Yes. 

The long answer: You'll be charged $29 even if your attributed revenue was 0$ in the last 30 days. It's because Recart does a lot more for your store beyond the attributed revenue it makes. In other words, you generate revenue outside of Recart's attributed revenue counter. Here are some other perks your store gets with the subscription:

  • Build up your Messenger Subscribers list.
    Collect Messenger subscribers for future Facebook marketing campaigns, further increasing your chance to make additional revenue.

  • Provide a better user experience.
    With our automated campaigns, such as the Messenger Receipt and Fulfilment Notifications you can really enhance the user experience for those who subscribe to your Messenger list, making them more likely to return to your store in the future.

If you have any other questions about our pricing, please feel free to contact us

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