Enable your visitors to share their preferences with you while they subscribe to your text list. Utilizing the 0-party data shared by your subscribers and targeting them with specific offers based on their interests will help you increase ROI and will improve your overall SMS marketing performance.

How to set up Subscriber Preferences?

You can collect preferences on your Popups and Landing Pages, and you can create your own Preference setup within the Popup Editor and Landing Page Editor.

  1. Go to the SMS opt-in section and choose Preferences.

  2. Choose the direction of your labels. Choose the Vertical option if you’d like to use longer labels, or choose the Horizontal option if your labels will be shorter.

  3. Add a text to let your subscribers know why you collect their preferences. You can customize the text’s font, size, and color. Character limit: 100.

  4. Create your preference items. Customize the text’s font, size, and color. You can also customize the checkboxes’ default & selected background color, as well as their border color.

    To create new preference options the subscribers can choose from on your Opt-in Tools, click Add item.

First, create a Category and click Add.

  • Categories are aggregator elements for items with common attributes.

  • Start typing a new Category name, or choose an existing one

  • Character limit: 30

Then create a new item within the Category and click Add.

  • Items are individual elements within a category.

  • Start typing a new Item name, or choose an existing one

  • Character limit: 30

The Label will be automatically filled with the Item’s name, but you can change it to anything you’d like to display on the Opt-in Tool. Click Add and the new label will appear on the Opt-in tool.

  • Labels are alias naming for the items to give context to the communication interfaces.

  • Character limit: 30

If you’d like to remove any of the preference items from your Opt-in tool, click on the X next to its name.

Important notes

  • Preferences can be collected via both SMS Desktop and Mobile Opt-in Tools

  • You can collect a maximum of 4 preferences on one Opt-in Tool

  • The visitors can choose multiple preferences

  • The visitors can proceed with the opt-in without choosing any preference

  • For the time being, Welcome Messages can not be segmented based on Preferences. You can only send campaigns for specific Segments created based on Preferences.

Preference Use Cases

Depending on your business needs and marketing goals you can define what type of preferences you’d like to collect and how would you like to utilize them. We have collected some examples for you:

  • Product types, eg.: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

  • Communication channel, eg.: SMS or E-mail

  • Offer types, eg.: weekly smaller promotions, bigger holiday discounts

  • Communication language, eg.: English, Spanish, etc.

  • Gamification, eg.: Would you like to take part in our Halloween Giveaway? - Yes, No

How to utilize Subscriber Preferences?

Create Segments based on Subscriber Preferences and target your subscribers with tailored offers based on their interests.

Go to the Segments & Lists page and choose Preference set.

You can filter for the audience by either Category or Item. Depending on your needs, choose them from the dropdown, and start adding the Categories/Items you’d like to use.

Pro tip:

Use the Category filter when a whole collection is on sale, eg.: When all vitamins are discounted, target those who showed interest in Vitamins, including all Items within this category.

Use the Item filter when you have only one product on sale, or it’s back in stock. Eg.: If someone was interested in Vitamin C or Amino acids in particular, notify them when your sale matches their preference.

If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team.

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