Relative Scheduling

Schedule SMS Campaigns according to your subscribers’ timezone

Utilize the relative scheduling feature and make sure your subscribers receive your campaigns based on their timezone.

Relative scheduling allows you to deliver a scheduled SMS Campaign message to subscribers based on the subscribers’ local time zone. Meaning, if an SMS Campaign is scheduled for 3 pm, every subscriber should get the campaign at 3 pm in their local time.

Let’s see how to set up scheduling and what options you have

Navigate to Scheduling by clicking on the Trigger selection of your SMS campaign

You can either start sending your campaign immediately or set the campaign to “Start sending

  • In your store’s time zone -the default setting ( can be edited on the Settings Page)

  • In subscriber’s timezone

In this example everyone will receive the SMS campaign at 10 am in their own timezone.


In some cases, the subscribers’ time zone can be unknown. Eg.: With keyword opt-in, we don’t have any information about the subscriber until they click a link in the message and we can connect them to a time zone based on their browser setting. In these cases, the messages will always be delivered in the store’s time zone!

Last edit until - what does it mean?

On the summary popup, we display when is the last time a scheduled campaign can be edited.

  • The last edit is displayed within the store’s timezone.

  • We calculate it from the earliest considered time zone when the message will be sent and we add an extra hour to include the scheduling process on our back end.

What if the scheduled time is in the past in certain subscribers’ time zone?

There can be subscribers in time zones ahead of the store’s time zone. It can happen that at the moment of scheduling these subscribers should have already received the message in their local time. These subscribers will receive the campaign immediately once it’s scheduled.

There is no last edit option in these cases, as the sending starts immediately once the campaign is scheduled. Moving the cursor to the information icon on the summary popup warns the merchants about this.

Targeted Segments

If you are targeting specific segments and using relative scheduling, only those subscribers will receive the message who are members of the segment at the moment when the scheduling process starts in the system.

⚠️ So the latest time when a user can enter the segment and get the SMS Campaign is the same as the last edit time. ⚠️

Check out our article about Quiet hours and Smart sending for more details on campaign scheduling.

If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team.