The Recart Messenger Widgets allow your customers to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger list with just a single click. You will be able to reach customers on your Messenger Subscribers list with Automated and Instant Messenger Campaigns.

When you enable a Recart Messenger Widget, it will be placed under your add to cart button on product pages. Recart offers two different Messenger Widgets:

  • the Add to Cart Widget  
  • and the Discount Widget.

Add to Cart Widget

This widget is automatically placed under your add to cart button. When the box is checked, it triggers the subscription upon add to cart.
To start using the Add to Cart Widget, simply enable it on the Conversation Starters page.

The Add to Cart Widget was ideal when the widget could be pre-checked in the past, however since Facebook removed the pre-check feature the Add to Cart Widget's conversion rates dropped by a lot, so we recommend using the Discount Widget instead.

Discount Widget

If you would like to offer a discount code for customers who sign up to your Facebook Messenger list, you can select the Discount Widget.

Similar to the Add to Cart Widget, the Discount Widget is also placed under your add to cart button, and it will display a discount code only for those who subscribed.

You can edit your promotional text and set the desired discount code on your Conversation Starters page.

After you enabled the widget on Recart Messenger Dashboard, it should appear under your Add to Cart button. Please check it after 30 seconds or from a new incognito window.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Widget is not showing up, what could be the problem?
Some of the Recart settings are saved locally in your browser to speed up your website. For that reason, you might need to wait a minute before the Messenger Widget will appear. Please use an incognito browser window to see the Messenger Widget immediately. If you need any help, please contact us and we will help you set it up.

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