Using Recart Messenger Campaigns are a great way to reach out to your customers through a new and effective sales channel: the Facebook Messenger.

Step #1: Connect Your Facebook Page to Recart

Before activating your Messenger marketing campaigns, you need to connect your Facebook Page to Recart.

After your Facebook Page is connected, you'll see this on your Recart Messenger Dashboard:

Step #2: Activate a Messenger Subscription tool

Recart offers three built-in and one third-party Facebook Messenger subscription tool:

  • Discount Widget
  • Add to Cart Widget
  • Add to Cart Popup with Messenger


  • Wheelio Interactive Popup

as third-party solution. 

Learn more about Recart's subscription tools and find the best for you: 

Start growing your Facebook Messenger list, turn on one of the subscription tools now! Go to your Messenger Dashboard, then edit & enable the Add to Cart Widget.

Step #3: Activate Your Messenger Campaigns

Currently, Recart offers 3 Automated Messenger campaigns:

  • Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign
  • Messenger Receipt
  • Messenger Fulfillment Notification

To activate these campaigns, simply go to Messenger - Auto Campaigns, configure and enable the campaigns you want to use. 

If you would like to learn more, please read our summary about all Messenger Auto Campaigns here.

After you set up your Automated Campaigns, you can start sending broadcasts - Instant Campaigns:

Step #4: Send Instant Campaigns to Subscribers

You can also send Instant Messenger Campaigns, which will be sent to all your subscribers almost immediately. This is a great way to send quality content to your previous visitors and encourage them to visit your store again.

Please note that you shouldn't send any discount codes in your Instant Messenger Campaigns, as these would violate Facebook policies.

(We're already working hard to roll out new Messenger campaigns like Welcome, Follow-ups and more)


It looks like you're ready: enjoy the better conversions, the 80%+ open rate, and the 45%+ reply rate! Brace yourself, because you'll probably receive a lot of messages in your Facebook Page's inbox! 🚀

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