Implementing Facebook Messenger marketing leads us to a single conclusion: we must opt-in to our Messenger list as many visitors as we can.

This is our ultimate goal, this is what we're trying to achieve with email as well. However, Facebook recently changed the opt-in rules and made the whole game a little tricky. Don't worry, we are here to help you out.

I created this article to help you understand what's going on with the Messenger Widget opt-ins and which Recart Widget you should use.

Pre-checked vs. unchecked

Facebook changed its subscription rules on October 6, 2017. It doesn't allow to pre-check the Messenger widget for anyone who implemented their widget after October 6. 

If you used any widget before October 6, like the Shopify Messenger Notifications, your widget is most likely pre-checked. 

This is the rule of thumb, however, it's not guaranteed to be the case for every store. Facebook controls this option remotely, their system decides if your store used the widget before Oct 6, and applies the pre-checked or unchecked state automatically on your widget.

The first step is to find out if you're eligible for the pre-checked widget. 

If you are eligible for the pre-checked widget, you are lucky, you can use the Recart Add to Cart Widget and subscribe all customers who add something to their cart.

If you're not eligible for the pre-checked widget, your Messenger widget will remain unchecked, meaning that you need to incentivize your customers to click the checkbox. Therefore, you should use the Discount Widget. 

Add to Cart Widget vs. Discount Widget

To find out which widget you should use, start here.

  1. Edit & enable the Add to Cart Widget on your Recart Messenger Dashboard: 

2. After you enabled the widget, open a new incognito window and log into Facebook

3. Open a new tab in the same incognito window and navigate to a product page - the widget will be automatically placed under your Add to Cart button.

4. See if the widget is pre-checked.

Discount Widget

If your widget is unchecked by default, you should choose the Discount Widget. You have to offer an incentive for your customers to opt-in since your widget is unchecked. 

This widget gives a discount to your subscribers. It reveals the discount code right after subscription.

  1. Go to your Recart Messenger Dashboard, find the Add to Cart Widget then click on Edit.
  2. Choose a discount - we suggest offering 15% off
  3. Create the discount code in the Discounts section of your Shopify Admin
  4. Add the discount code to the Widget editor
  5. Edit your text to retain the voice of your band, then save & enable it
  6. The widget will automatically appear under your Add to Cart buttons

After A/B testing unchecked subscription tools with tens of thousands of subscriptions, we saw this Discount Widget achieving the best visitor to subscriber conversion rate.

Add to Cart Widget

If you're you are eligible for the pre-checked widget, your choice should be the Add to Cart Widget. You don't have to offer incentives, your widget will be automatically ticked when customers visit your product pages if they're logged into Facebook. 

They will automatically opt-in when they click the Add to Cart button. 💪 

While editing, you can add a welcome and a thank you message to your widget: 

If you see your widget pre-checked under your Add to Cart button, you're good to go! 

Your Messenger list will grow like a charm as you receive more and more traffic to your store.


If you're not eligible for a pre-checked widget, your Messenger Widgets will be unchecked on your store. No matter which Messenger app you use, none of them can give you a pre-checked widget. 

If your widget is pre-checked, you should use the Add to Cart Widget for the best conversion rate.

If you're widget is unchecked by default, you should go with the Discount Widget. 

Learn more about each widget:

More info about the Add to Cart Widget and the Discount Widget

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