UPDATE on 05.30.2017: Shopify only supports Form Autofill on Shopify Plus stores. We had to close the Form Autofill feature for all non-Shopify Plus users.

Form Autofill is one of my favorite features. I was very excited working on this. It's working silently in the background, but it makes a ton of money for everyone.

This feature fills out automatically every form on the checkout page. 

Form Autofill is automatically turned on for every WooCommerce users.
Form Autofill is currently only supported on Shopify Plus Stores. 

When your cart abandoners arrive back to the checkout page, their forms will be waiting for them exactly how they left the page. 

Sounds good, doesn't it? 

There's even more...

Yes, it works with your popups. It can be Privy, Optimonk, Justuno, no matter which popup you use, Form Autofill will work. 

When we capture an email address, we pair it to the customer. When the customers reach the checkout page, Recart auto-fills every information it has about the customers. 

Let's see some examples:

Scenario #1

1) Your customers visit your store. They put something in their cart, so the Add to Cart Popup jumps. (If it's turned on of course.)

2) They add their email on Add to Cart Popup. Recart pairs the email addresses to the customers.

3) When they reach the checkout page... voila, their email will be auto-filled!

Scenario #2

1) Your customers visit your store. 

2) They put something in the cart and go to the checkout page. They fill out most of the fields, but... they choose to leave. (This happens more times than you can imagine!) Long story short, they abandon their cart.

3) Recart fires the abandonment emails.

4) Your customers click on a Recart email.

5) They are redirected back to your store and Recart re-generates all items they left in their cart.

6) Form Autofill activates and all left fields will be restored.

Scenario #3

1) Your customers log in your store.

2) They add something to cart and proceed to checkout.

3) Their email field will be auto-filled. 

Scenario #4

1) Your customers visit your store.

2) A promotional popup shows up, offering a 10% OFF discount code. Your customers enter their email.

3) They proceed to checkout.

4) The email field is magically auto-filled! 

We designed Form Autofill to work silently on the background. It's a silent powerhouse. 

We've used this feature in our Christmas gadget shop for 2 years now. It's an incredible boost for our conversions. The customers love the easier checkout. The abandoners love the pre-filled fields so they don't have to enter their details again. I knew this is something inevitable to build into Recart.

Your customers check out easier. You make more money. 

Don't forget: This feature is only auto-enabled for WooCommerce users. If you're on Shopify Plus, please go to Form Autofill page for setup instructions. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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