Your capture rate is under 40% and you see too many Ungiven email fields on your Ghosts page? Don't worry, you can capture more emails. Ungiven means your customer didn't enter any email or phone number on the checkout page. Here's what you can do: 

Turn on the Add to Cart Popup

This popup shows when your customers add something to cart. It allows you to capture emails before they reach the checkout page.

It's like a pre-checkout. When your customers add their email and go to the checkout, their email field will be auto-filled.

Using the popup will increase your capture rate, so you will send more abandonment emails. You'll also build a larger email list, which also leads to more sales.

You can activate the popup here. 

Get the most out of Add to Cart Popup

You can use the Add to Cart Popup Editor. to configure the popup to match your store design.

There's more to Add to Cart Popup than just capturing emails. After you connected your Facebook account to Recart, you can also use it to collect Messenger subscribers so you can send your visitors automatic Facebook marketing messages.

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