Here we go, so you’ve installed Recart on your site. Let’s see if it’s working!

There are some basic rules testing Recart:

1. You always have to use a new incognito/private window

This is the most important rule. Always make sure that you’ve closed all incognito/private windows then open a new one for testing your site.

If you’re not sure how to open an incognito window, here’s our guide.

2. You have to use a different email address for every test

Running out of emails? No problem just put a "+" after your email address, and put something behind it. Most email providers handle this little trick, so you’ll still receive the email. For example:—> If you send me an email to the second variation, I’ll still get it in my main inbox.

3. Always check your Recart app is installed

Go to your Shopify Admin, click on "Apps"...

...and search for Recart in the list!

If you need instructions for installing, just drop us a line :)

4. Make sure your email campaign is turned on

Please go to you Campaigns page and check if your email campaign is turned on.

All set, you can start testing! 

1. Open a new incognito window

2. Add something to cart

3. Add your email address

Recart must know where to send the cart recovery emails, right? There are 4 ways of email capture, you need to enter your email into one of these. 

  1. Subscriber Tracking - add your email to any of your newsletter subscription forms.
  2. Checkout Tracking - add your email at checkout, then go to the Shipping method page.
  3. Add to Cart Popup - Turn on the popup and add your email on it.
  4. Login Tracking - Log in to your buyer account on your store with your email address.

You can also test Recart using a simple "Add you email address to let us send you newsletter" field - don't forget to add something to cart if you test like that!

4. Close the incognito window

Closing the window will send a notification to our servers that you’ve abandoned your cart. We wait 10 minutes for you to come back (3rd party payments for example), this is called the timeout. If you don’t come back in 10 minutes, you will be marked as a cart abandoner.

Please note:

  •  If you don’t use new incognito window, you’ll be recognized as a returning visitor, emails might not be fired.
  • If you use an email address you’ve used before, emails won’t be fired.
  • If the app isn’t installed, the emails won’t be fired.
  • If your emails are turned off, emails won’t be fired
  • Always check your SPAM folder as well. If you find our emails in your SPAM folder, don't worry, that's completely normal. A small percentage of every email will go to spam, no matter what email service you use. We usually see emails in spam even from Mailchimp. As long as you have at least 30% open rate, your deliverability is good.

If you’ve done all the steps above and you still don’t receive any emails from us, please contact our support, we’re happy to help you.

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