Just like newsletters - every push notification journey starts with a subscription. Before you can send push notifications to your customers, they have to subscribe to your push list.

The first step is a Push Subscription Popup.

What is Push Subscription Popup?

Push Subscription popup is a small window that appears at the top of your customers' browser:

LDSMAN.com, one of my favorite stores use this subscription popup. The subscription popup has two possible outcomes:

  1. Upon clicking "Allow", Subscription Popup takes your customers to the Subscription Landing for the final permission. 
  2. If they click on "Don't Allow", the popup disappears and never returns again. 

After your customers subscribed, we recommend you send a Welcome Push immediately. 

Want to start learning Push from the beginning? Click here:

Now, that you subscribe customers to your push list, you can learn how to send them 

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