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  1. Start using Recart Push Notifications
  2. How Push Subscription Popup Works
  3. Create the best Welcome Push Notification
  4. How to use Abandoned Cart Push Campaign [YOU ARE HERE] 
  5. Sending Instant Push Campaigns

As you already know, 79% of all carts are abandoned. And it isn't getting any better; studies show it will reach 82% by 2018. You have to do something about it. 

At Recart, we design features to get the most out of your existing traffic. With Push Notifications, you're about to generate a lot more sales from the same traffic than ever before. 

One of my favorite campaigns is the Abandoned Cart Push Campaigns.

How Abandoned Cart Push Campaign works

  1. Your customers add something to cart but fail to check out. 
  2. They receive the first Abandoned Push reminder in 20 minutes. (If they are subscribed to your push list. Learn more about the push subscription here.)
  3. If they haven't completed their checkout, you send the second Abandoned Push in 12 hours.
  4. If they still haven't come back to complete their purchase, you send the third Abandoned Push as a final reminder. 

Smart-stop message sending

When customers complete their purchase in the middle of your Abandoned Cart campaigns, Recart stops all campaigns to avoid unnecessary messages. Not just Push Campaigns, but Emails and Messenger campaigns will stop as well.

Pre-built Abandoned Push Campaign for the best results

Go to Push Notifications - Auto Campaigns - Abandoned Cart Push and meet one of your best marketing campaigns ever. 

These 3 push notifications will re-engage your cart abandoners and make them come back to complete their purchase. 

NOTE: This push campaign is sent to cart abandoners and checkout abandoners as well. If the customers are subscribed, no matter which stage they are in, you'll send the abandoned pushes. 

If you believe that Recart's pre-built templates are a great fit for your store, you're all set! All you need to do is turn on the push messages.

Try different text in your pushes

 Recart provides great generic templates for you. However, in some cases, you might need a different approach to get the most out of your abandoned carts. 

Give discount 

Giving discount is the most common way for boosting your conversion rate in abandoned cart campaigns. Just like with email, the coupon code you put in the push messages will incentivize more abandoners for completing their purchase. 

NOTE: Recart doesn't generate unique coupon codes at the moment. We'll add this feature soon. 

Set up a discount code on your Shopify Admin and paste the code in your third push message. 

Why the third? 

Usually, we see cart abandoners coming back from the first two messages without any discount. And it's completely reasonable. 

Don't forget: they are hot leads. They had the intention to buy something from you. Something might have distracted them, or they could have been in hurry, so they abandoned their cart. We use the first two pushes as reminders, and add the coupon code in the third. 


We use this schedule, and this is also the default in Recart:

  1. Abandoned Push - 1 hour after abandonment
  2. Abandoned Push - 12 hours after abandonment
  3. Abandoned Push - 48 hours after abandonment

You can change this schedule easily in Abandoned Cart Push Campaign editor, but please make sure that it's not scheduled for the same time as your emails. 

If your emails and pushes work together, you can send 5-6 reminders without annoying your customers. 


In Abandoned Cart Push Campaign, Recart puts your product picture in the push notification automatically. If there is more than one products in the cart, we use the first item your customers put in there. 

Questions? We're here to help you sell more. If you have any questions or you feel that your campaigns could perform better, just let us know and we're happy to help you. 

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