Facebook Messenger Order Receipt 101

This article will help you learn the basics of sending Messenger Order Receipt to your customers

Ecommerce gurus agree: the order receipt is a missed marketing opportunity in most of the stores. 

It's time to redefine your receipts and use it to convert your one-time purchases into returning customers. 

What's a Messenger Order Receipt? 

It's an order confirmation sent via Facebook Messenger. It's similar to the email receipt you send to your customers.

What's the difference between email and Messenger order receipts? 

Both are sent with the same intention, but Messenger brings you much better open rates. With the higher attention on Messenger, you'll see better results. 

Will I send the campaign to all cart abandoners? 

You'll send the Messenger Order Receipt to those who already subscribed to your Messenger list.

The best way to grow your Messenger list is using our new Opt-in Tools. 


My advice for sending Order Receipts via Facebook Messenger:

To comply with Facebook policies do not add a discount code

Please make sure not to include any promotional offers in your Messenger receipt as the message is received after 24 hours after opting in.


Keep it short

It's a Messenger message, not an email. Never include a novel in your messages. Keep it plain and simple. Just like you message a friend.

Use emojis

People love emojis and Recart's Messenger editor has an emoji support, so go ahead add some in your messages. 


Feel free to contact us and we're happy to help you!