Which apps interfere with Recart?

Find out if any of the applications you're using might interfere with Recart

Recart works seamlessly alongside most apps, but some of them might block our service. 

There are two main categories of apps that can interfere with Recart:

Due to Facebook's technical limitations, you can only use one Messenger application on the same domain. 

If there are more than one apps that use Messenger installed on your store, then they will block each other from working properly. The Messenger plugins might fail to render, and their functions will also be blocked. 

The Messenger apps that we see most frequently on stores are Messenger chat applications. In case you have one that doesn't belong to Recart, no need to worry:

Recart also has a built-in Messenger Customer Chat tool, which you can enable with a single click from the Opt-in Tools page after you uninstalled the other one. 👌

2. Apps that modify Shopify's standard processes

Recart gets the data about the cart items and the order status from Shopify, so in case an application modifies something about the default Shopify processes, it might block Recart from being able to track your carts and orders properly.

Typically, these apps fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Upsell apps 

  • Apps that add custom discounts to the cart 

  • Apps that add custom variables to items

  • Installment apps 

  • Subscription apps 

  • Custom checkout solutions 

If you're not sure if any of the apps you're using might interfere with Recart, please feel free to drop us a line at support@recart.com , our team is more than happy to assist you! 🙌