Finally, it's here, a subscribing tool which targets customers who actually purchased from your store, this is the Order Page Subscription.🚀 

With the help of the Order Page Subscription you do not have to worry about ruining conversion with popups. This tool appears for customers who just purchased their item and reached the order page on your store. This way, you will collect subscribers loyal to your brand and you can be sure that they do want to receive updates from you. 👍 

After your customers finished their purchase, they can subscribe to your Facebook page, and they can receive your Messenger Fulfillment Notification via Messenger. Also, you can send send them additional discounts or up-sell offers. 

How to enable the Order Page Subscription?

Navigate to the Opt-in Tools page, scroll down, and make sure the Order Page Subscription is turned On.

Click on the Edit button where you can customize the widget.

You can set the color of the button and edit the button text.

You can make sure that you are not bothering your customers by turning on the Smart Display. With this option the widget will only appear for customers who are logged in to Facebook.👌

Important note:

Please make sure that you disable the Shopify's Order updates so that you avoid confusing your customers with double notifications. To do that, go to your Settings in your Shopify Admin's page then go to Checkout:

Find Customer contact and make sure that under 'to receive shipping updates' the checkbox is not ticked. 👍 

One final touch...

Always greet your new subscribers with a Welcome Message, which you can set up the following way:

  • Go to the Automated Flows page

  • Choose Welcome

  • Click on Order Page Subscription

  • Customize the messages as you would like to, and click on the Save button, then click the toggle to Enable the flow

Please note: this conversation starter is only available for Shopify users.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with comments or questions, we are happy to help, just click here.

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