Browse abandonment campaigns allow you to send a timely reminder to your store visitors who didn't add anything to their shopping cart while visiting your store.

There are 3 distinct abandonment campaigns you need to know about:

  1. Cart abandonment campaigns
  2. Browse abandonment campaigns
  3. Discount abandonment campaigns

While the first one - cart abandonment - has been previously available to all Recart users, but the latter two may be new use cases to you.

To learn about cart abandonment campaigns, check this help article.

What are browse abandonment campaigns?

These messages are a reminder for your customers, who've opted-in via Messenger after they browsed your store, but didn't place any items into their carts.

How does it work?

Recart's Conversation Flow editor allows you to add conditional split blocks to your conversations. The conditional splits options are the following:

  • Has
  • Has purchased

Both of these conditions can have two states: True and False. With these conditions, you can personalize your conversational experience.

How to set up browse abandonment campaign:

You can access the editor from your Messenger Dashboard,  by clicking Create New:

In the editor, you can access the conditional block from the menu on the left:

To set up your browse abandonment campaign, use this condition:

  • Has -  FALSE

When your subscriber has visited your site, but didn't put anything into their cart, you'll be able to send out a follow-up message such as: "Did you like anything in the store?"

This can lead to useful feedback and can also drive significant amount of extra sales for your site.

How to set up discount abandonment campaign:

If you'd like to use this conversation flow to drive revenue, the best thing to do is sending out a discount code to your subscribers. Once you sent the discount code out, you want to make sure your visitors finish the purchase and use the redeem the discount offer.

In case they haven't finished the purchase, now you can send out a discount abandonment reminder.

How to set up a discount abandonment reminder?

  • Make sure you send discount code in your conversation
  • Set the condition: Has purchased - FALSE

In the example below, a reminder is sent out after 30 minutes to remind people that they haven't used their discount code.

And now you're all set! Don't forget to save before leaving the editor.

Need help setting up your campaigns? We're eager to assist! Here's how to get in touch with us!

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