How do you export your Messenger subscribers from Octane AI, ShopMessage, Manychat, etc. and import them into your Recart account?

When you're switching email service providers, you're used to being able to import and export your email subscribers pretty easily.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get when merchants are switching from other Messenger platform to Recart, is if their subscribers can be transferred to Recart.

Short answer: YES, absolutely!

How to export them from your current Messenger platform?

All Facebook Messenger developer companies are required to export Facebook Messenger follower IDs (known as PSIDs) when you request it.

Contact your current provider and request your subscribers' PSIDs. 

Once you have them, get in touch with us. Send us the PSID list and your store's URL, and we'll import your PSIDs into your Recart account in no time!

The subscriber list you built previously will be available in your Recart account. They will appear on your Subscribers page.

What should I do if my current bot platform isn't answering my request emails?

Email us at so we can get in touch with the Facebook Messenger team directly to solve the case.