Connecting Recart to SMSBump

If you are already have an SMSBump account, please log in at

Go to My apps by clicking this link, you will find Default Apps. 

Click on it to open the details page where you can view and copy your API key.

You will need this API key to enable the SMSBump integration in your Recart account.

Log in to your Recart account, open the Integrations page. Look for the SMSBump section and click on Activate.

Here, you will be asked to enter the API key you copied from your SMSBump account. After entering the API key, click on Connect to SMSBump.

If the connection was successful, you will need to select a list where Recart will add all phone numbers collected in Messenger conversations. Alternatively, you can create a new SMSBump list right from here.

When you selected the desired list, click Save selected list, and you are all set!

Updating conversations with Save User Input

Now, all you need to do is add a Save user input message to all conversation flows where you would like to collect phone numbers from your visitors and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an option to sync previously collected phone numbers to SMSBump?

Collected phone numbers are synced to SMSBump immediately when the integration is enabled. Currently, there is no option to sync phone numbers that were collected at a time when the integration was not enabled.

Can I export the phone numbers displayed on the Recart Subscribers page?

There is no option on the Recart Dashboard to have the phone numbers exported to a file. If you need to export the collected phone number, please discuss your options with our Customer Support team.

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