This feature is here to make your life easier. Now, since you can easily create Facebook Ads such as Sponsored Messages and Click-to-Messenger ads from your Recart dashboard, duplicating your whole flows is something which may come in handy. 🎉

In order to make a copy of your flows follow the steps below: 👇

1. Go to your Messenger Dashboard and click on the three dots of the sequence you'd like to duplicate.

2. Click on Duplicate and you'll be take to the copied flow's wizard.

3. Select a new type of entry point for your copied flow and you'll be taken to the editor where you'll find exactly the same flow which you just duplicated. You can leave it as be, or you can make changes to it if you wish.

4. Once you are all set, you can save the copied flow and give a name for it.

You'll see the duplicated flow in your Messenger Dashboard under your custom conversation flows. 🚀

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help. 🙌

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