Popups are proven to be one of the most effective subscribing tools with Messenger Marketing. With just a few clicks, your customers become subscribers to receive a discount code. From then on you can retarget them with automated campaigns, as well as with Facebook ads and all from one place: your Recart Dashboard.

For this very reason we created a popup with a button which is connected to an m.me link which triggers a custom conversation flow. 🚀

How to enable it?

You can locate Welcome Popup on the top of your Conversation Starters' page.

Going into the editor the first step is to create a conversation flow connected to it. Click on the Add Conversation Flow button. Once you do that, you'll be taken to the flow editor where you'll see a template, which you can customize. 👇

Working from the welcome flow's editor, don't forget to match the content of the conversation flow with the promise of the popup. For example, if you promised a discount code, you can simply include a message with the appropriate code.

Please note: Creating a Custom Conversation Flow just for this popup is crucial for your statistics, so that you'll see how the Welcome popup performs. Linking more popups or Facebook ads to the same flow will not give you proper data.

Also, you'll not be able to enable the Welcome Popup unless the conversation flow is not added.

When you've created the welcome flow, you can save it, and you'll be taken back to the Welcome Popup's editor, where you can make changes to your liking.

Here comes the second part, where you can edit the popup itself. You can add your logo and customize the popup to your own taste to match your brand and business.

In order to make the popup intriguing and successful please make sure to add a discount code to the popup. Your customers will not get the discount right on the popup but in a Messenger campaign. The popup will offer the discount, and the welcome flow will give it to them, simple as that. 🎉

So after they reply to your Messenger flow, they will become subscribers for good. 🚀

The next step is to set up the time for the popup to be triggered and the URL targeting. By default, the Welcome Popup can be displayed on all pages, however if you'd like to set it up to be displayed only on certain pages - or you want to exclude some URLs - now you can easily do so in the Welcome Popup's editor:

Once you are all set, scroll down and enable it 👍

The Save and enable button will enable the Welcome Popup and the conversation flow connected to it. 🙌

Please let us know if you have questions, we are happy to help. 😊

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