If you would like to test one of your conversation flows, please open the editor for the given conversation flow. I will use my abandoned cart flow as an example.

To send a test message, click on Send test and follow the instructions shown to you in the modal.

Based on your location, you will see one of two possible options:

Option 1:

If you see a checkbox with your Facebook profile picture, check the box and click on the Send button. You will receive the first message in the flow to your currently logged in Facebook account. Please open the Messenger app to check and interact with it.

Option 2:

If you see a code and a button that says Open Messenger, it means that you can start the test by sending a specific trigger message to your Facebook Page.

Click on the blue copy icon next to the code to copy it to your clipboard. Then, click Open Messenger.

This will open a conversation with your Facebook Page in Messenger. Here, you can paste the code and send it.

Recart will detect this message and send you the first message of your flow as a reply. You can check how it looks inside Messenger and interact with it the same way your customers will be able to once you publish your flow.

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