How will iOS 14 release affect Recart functions?

Learn more about how changes to Apple's iOS 14 will affect your Recart messages.

In July 2020 Apple announced that with the iOS 14 update they will launch an amended privacy policy, which will prevent certain data collection for users who do not opt-in to tracking. Safari 14 users on all platforms including iOS and iPadOS are affected.

The new policy will not affect core Recart functions.

There will be a slight change how Recart will be able to track visitors' session. Once the changes are effective, Recart will be able to track your affected visitors' sessions only for 7 days, after this the browser will delete the storage, and no data will be available.

In practice, if your visitor receives a Recart message and re-visits your store more than 7 days later without clicking a button from the message, Recart will track the session as a new customer. In case your visitor clicks a button and gets redirected to your store, Recart will be able to track the session for 7 days.

According to Facebook, the changes will be effective from early 2021.

Apple's policy change may impact how your Facebook pixel will process conversion events, as well as your ad's reach for the affected devices. You can find Facebook's official statement here.

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