In order to comply with SMS marketing rules, you need to have a clear Opt-out language in most of your messages. Certain carriers recommend providing explicit opt-out instructions in every fifth message. Eg.: Reply STOP to opt-out.

This way you provide the option to your users to opt out anytime they want to. Learn more about text marketing compliance in this help article.

Subscribers can opt out of text lists by replying specific keywords:

  • stop: the user will be unsubscribed immediately and will receive an Unsubscribe message. This message can not be edited in Recart because it is sent by our aggregator.

  • unsubscribe, unsub, quit, stop messaging, f✮ck off, cancel send, unsubscribe!, unsubscribe!!, unsubscribe!!!, unsubscribe!!!!, unsubscribe!!!!!, stop messaging, stop messages, stop all messages: the ****user will be unsubscribed immediately, and will NOT receive the Unsubscribe message. Our aggregator will not handle it in these cases, we will soon implement Recart’s own Unsubscribe text message though.

Important Notes:

  • Regardless of using small or capital letters, the user will be unsubscribed.

  • The user will be unsubscribed even if adding special characters to the keywords. Recognised special characters are: ? ! @. So for instance these messages will unsubscribe the user: !!unsubscribe!!!, ?!@stop, cancel?!? etc. - regardless the number of special characters added the user will be unsubscribed.

  • An unsubscribe message will be only triggered by stop and STOP for now, with any variation of small and capital letters.

Unsubscribe users manually on their page

You can also unsubscribe users manually from the Subscriber's page by clicking on Edit and then Unsubscribe.

Opt-out Rate

To show how many users opted out of your list after certain messages we display the opt-out rate in the editor, in the upper right corner of each message. In the below example, out of the 111 subscribers who received the message, 1,8% unsubscribed from the list.

The opt-out rate is also displayed on the Automated flows and on the One-off Flows pages. Please note that if an Automated flow or a One-off flow consists of multiple message items, on this page we will display an accumulated opt-out rate, considering all messages within the flow. If you would like to see the opt-out rate per message, you need to open the editor.


Once the user opted-out from your list you are not allowed to send them messages. Not only automated messages will not be sent, manual message sending will be also blocked.

Resubscribe to SMS messages

Unsubscribed users can send subscribe or unstop message, these keywords will resubscribe them again. Regardless of using small or capital letters the user will be resubscribed.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team, we are happy to help. 😊

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