Can I use Recart in combination with other abandoned cart services?

Recart can handle all your cart abandonment needs.

Recart was designed to handle all your abandoned carts, and to be fair, it does a pretty good job. Therefore, we suggest that you stick with Recart, and use it as your only abandoned cart recovery tool.

Technically, you could use Recart and other abandoned cart services simultaneously, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Most abandoned cart services do not actually capture user info when they are adding an item to their cart, instead when they proceed to checkout. Recart has an increased conversion rate because it does not require users to reach the checkout page, merely to click the Add to Cart button.

  • All Recart features will work even if you have other cart abandonment services enabled, however, Recart will not stop other services from sending messages to your users. Therefore, if you use more than one abandoned cart recovery tools, you might send more messages to your users than necessary.

Recart was designed to substitute and improve services provided by other abandoned cart recovery tools, and we are constantly working on new features. We strongly suggest that you try out Recart.