Getting Started with Toll-Free Numbers

Discover the process for requesting a TFN and learn about the features provided on temporary TFNs while your application is being processed.

Table of Contents

Getting Started with Toll-Free Numbers for Text Messaging

  • Toll-free phone numbers are used to send text messages to your customers in the US and Canada. 
  • When you download Recart and sign up for SMS, our team typically requests and activates a toll-free number for you. However, if your case is an exception and you need to request a toll-free number, you can do so on the SMS settings page.
  • You will see that a temporary toll-free number (TFN) is already active on your account.

  • To verify your dedicated TFN, please follow these instructions:
    • Click Edit verification
    • Make sure that all of the information on the form is correct
    • Select Submit form

  • To ensure your form has been submitted correctly, check that the status next to the dedicated TFN reads pending.
  • Once the dedicated TFN is verified, the temporary TFN will automatically disconnect, and the dedicated TFN will switch to active.

Temporary Toll-Free Number

  • While your dedicated, permanent toll-free number is undergoing verification, we provide you with a temporary toll-free number.
  • This temporary number has limited capabilities, but it allows you to explore some of Recart’s most important features until your permanent number is ready.

Features Available with a Temporary Toll-Free Number

  • With your temporary toll-free number, you can:
    • Activate Popups: Engage your website visitors with popup messages to drive conversions and gather subscriber information.
    • Activate Automated Flows: Set up and activate a variety of automated messaging flows to engage with your customers seamlessly.
    • Chat Through Inbox: Communicate directly with your subscribers via inbox to manage inquiries and provide customer support.
    • Send Out Test Messages: Test message sending to ensure everything is functioning as expected.
    • Add a Branded Link: While your account is on a temporary TFN you are only able to add a branded URL link that ends with Once your dedicated TFN is active you will be able to choose from three different domains. 

Campaign Sending

  • Campaign sending only becomes available when your dedicated phone number is verified. Verification usually takes a few days.
  • While you are on a temporary TFN, you can create your campaigns and save them as drafts, but not send them. 
  • Once your dedicated toll-free number is fully verified and becomes your permanent phone number, you will be able to send out your campaigns without any issues.


We hope this helps you get started with Recart! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 🚀