Recharge <> Recart Integration

Learn how Recart works with Recharge and keep your clients informed about their Recharge subscriptions, enticing them to manage preferences with informative automated SMS updates.

With our integration with Recharge you will have access to 12 unique templates that match the scenarios Recharge provides.

  1. Subscription Started
  2. Subscription Paused
  3. Subscription Resumed
  4. Subscription Canceled
  5. Subscription Expired
  6. Upcoming Order
  7. Order Skipped
  8. Order Processed
  9. Charge Will Be Retired
  10. Charge Failed
  11. Charge Paid
  12. Customer Account Activation

These flow templates will be provided by default upon activation and they can be edited and updated at will.

Here are all the steps you need to connect your Recharge account to Recart:

Enter the Recharge App

  1. Go to Installed tab in your Recharge app
  2. Click on Create an Admin API Token
  3. Grant Read Access to Orders → Subscriptions → Payments → Customers

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Képernyőfotó 2023-08-16 - 11.22.52

Navigate to the Recart App

  1. select Integrations
  2. go to Recharge Subscriptions
  3. click Activate
  4. insert the API Key
  5. click Connect to Recharge


The integration is now live! 🎉

Now you have the opportunity to use the default automated Recharge flows. You can access them with the following easy steps:

  1. select Automated Flows
  2. click on Recharge
  3. select an Automated Flow
  4. your default SMS message will appear → to edit, click on the SMS message and the editor will appear to the left
  5. once completed, click Activate to save and activate your automated flow

Recart (1)

Things to Note:

Quiet hours

Quiet hours will be applicable to your Recharge flows so that you do not disturb your subscribers during inconvenient times. The actual times for when Quiet Hours begins and ends may be manually adjusted. To do so, login into your Recart Account → Profile → Settings → SMS → Quiet Hours

Flows where quite hours will be activated:

  • Order Skipped
  • Subscription Expired
  • Subscription Resumed
  • Upcoming Order
  • Order Processed


Recharge based conditions will be displayed in segmentation once the integration is complete. You will now be able to target subscribers who have:

  • Received a flow message associated with Recharge
  • Have clicked links in a flow message associated with Recharge

API Key Generation

If you are trying to integrate with Recart from the Recharge platform, you can generate an API Key in our App using these instructions.  

You're all set! 💪

That's how you combine subscription management with SMS marketing to be unstoppable! Test out what works best for you.


Let us know if you have any question regarding the integration, we are happy to help. 😊