Wonderment <> Recart Integration

With the Wonderment integration, you can create completely custom order tracking experiences in minutes and link it to your Recart Receipt and Fulfillment SMS Notifications.

Wonderment allows your team to create customizable tracking pages and alerts you to any order issues that may appear.


Keep track of your orders AND send out unique SMS notifications with the Wonderment <> Recart Integration.


All you need to do is contact our support team, who will happily and quickly switch this integration on for you.

You can also contact the team by going to the “Integrations” page on your Recart App and hitting “Contact” next to Wonderment.


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API Key Generation

If you are trying to integrate with Recart from the Wonderment platform, you can generate an API Key in our App using these instructions.  

It’s that easy and simple! 🎉

Please let us know if you have questions, we are happy to help. 😊