Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign 101

Let us help you send the abandoned cart messages with best practices and great examples.

First of all: What are abandoned cart messages?

You send the Recart's abandoned cart messages when your customers abandon their carts. It consist of one reminder message and two follow-up messages. This is what it looks like:

Will you send the messages to all cart abandoners? 

You'll send the abandoned cart messages to those who already subscribed to your Messenger list.

A good way to grow your Messenger list is using the Welcome Popup:

Using our popup, you'll subscribe most of the visitors who add anything to cart. Sounds great, right? 

And yes, you can send different marketing messages to your Messenger list later...

Can you change the text & schedule? 

Absolutely! Recart provides a world-class conversation flow editor with a variety of customization options. 

Go to Automated Flows, then choose Abandoned Cart. Then click on Abandoned Cart Messages.

(Please note: the Editor view was updated. We have merged the three flows into one flow, nevertheless the default message settings remained the same.)

You can change all texts, button texts, add emojis and
coupon codes. You can also change when you want to send the reminders. By default, they're set to 1 hour, 8 hours and 23 hours after cart abandonment.

Should you include a discount in the abandoned cart messages?

Yes! The best way to boost your recovered sales is to add an incentive like a 5-15% discount to your abandoned cart messages. We recommend you to add the discount only to the 2nd and 3rd abandoned cart messages. 

Do these messages comply with Facebook rules?

Completely! Facebook allows you to send promotional messages in the first 24 hours of the customers' subscription. To comply with the rules, please make sure you send all the messages within 24 hours. With the default setting the messages will be sent after 1, 8, and 23 hours.

What are the average results of an abandoned cart messages?

This campaign usually runs with 85%+ open and 25%+ click rate.
On average, it makes $0.6 per sent message.

We often see even better results:

My advice on abandoned cart messages

Keep it short

It's Messenger, not email. Never include a novel in your messages. Keep it plain and simple. Just like you message a friend.

Use emojis

People love emojis and Recart's Messenger editor has emoji support, so go ahead add some in your messages. 

Add a discount code, at least 5-10% or free shipping

After sending millions of abandoned cart messages, I can tell you that giving cart abandoners a reasonable discount makes a serious difference, sometimes 2X in recovered sales. 


Feel free to contact us and we're happy to help you!