Features available on Basic Plan for Messenger

Let's see what is available in our Messenger Basic Plan

Home Page

Full access to your report overview on the Home Page with the most important numbers like the Attributed revenue graph or the number of New subscriptions and you’ll also see how your automated messages are performing.

Opt-in Tools

This is where the magic starts. Create and edit Opt-in Tools right here with a few clicks and see all statistics like Impressions and CTR in a list view.

You can create and test as many popups as your business needs for mobile and desktop now.

Automated Flows

Let’s break down Automated Flows

  • Welcome Flows are by far the most crucial step to be taken. Make sure to get your visitors to become permanent subscribers by interacting in a two way flow

  • Set up one of the most wanted features: Messenger abandoned cart flow. Reach out to your subscribers with a short reminder to turn them into customers.

  • You can send Receipts and Fulfillment notifications via Messenger directly to your customer’s inbox.

  • Run a Facebook ad campaign to reach new audiences and gain more subscribers with a Click -to -Messenger campaign or a Facebook Comments campaign.

  • Are you using Loox? Boost your sales by asking for a Photo Review via Messenger.

  • The Unsubscribe flow is automatically active and cannot be inactivated.

  • Create Custom Conversations easily using your Recart flow builder Use m.me links to trigger Recart Custom Flows. Include the links in email newsletters, SMS campaigns, and social media to grow your audience and generate more sales!

One-off Flows

Utilize your Messenger subscribers. Sponsored Message* is the best way to send promotional messages to your Facebook subscribers and achieve 90% open rates on your promotions.

*Sponsored Messages are currently not available in Europe due to European privacy laws.


Our collection of Messenger conversation examples that are proven to be effective and engaging for your audience. Use them for any type of Messenger ads


See your subscription growth over time and see details of your subscriber's profiles


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