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All about the Landing Page Opt-in Tool

Learn how to activate the Landing Page opt-in tool and grow your SMS subscriber list further

Landing Page Opt-in Tool will help you collect subscribers and grow your text list. It is a built-in form where visitors can provide their email address and/or phone number on a subpage of your store to subscribe to your list. The form is embedded between your store’s header and footer. You can create a unique URL for the Landing Page, and you can easily direct users to it via online and offline channels as well.

How to create a Landing Page Opt-in Tool?

Go to the Opt-in Tools Page and click on the Create new button in the upper right corner.

Choose the Landing Page opt-in type.

Give your Landing Page opt-in a name. The name has to be unique and can be modified later. Then select the channels where you would like to collect subscribers. You can choose SMS only, or email and SMS. When the channel is selected, click the Continue to editing button in the upper right corner.

👉 Good to know: we offer 2 types of Email and SMS Landing pages

  • Email+SMS in one step

This Landing page type allows you to make the Email field optional, meaning subscribers can skip submitting their Email address and subscribe with phone number only. You can also set it up as mandatory.

  • Email then SMS in two steps

In this case your subscribers will have to provide an email address before they submit a phone number and subscribe. The Email field is mandatory cannot be skipped.

You will be redirected to the General section of the Editor.

Here you can modify the general details of your Landing Page opt-in:

  • The Page Title - it will be pre-populated with the name of the Landing Page

  • The URL slug

  • The welcome message you’d like to send when someone opts-in via the Landing Page

  • Geotargeting - by default the page will be visible in the US and Canada as the SMS feature is available in these countries only. (Users from other countries using the same network will also be able to access the page: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virginia Islands, and Puerto Rico.) You can remove either, but you can not add further countries at the moment.

These details can be edited anytime.

Under the General section of the editor, you will see two separate sections: one for Desktop and one for Mobile customization. You will be able to edit how the page will be displayed separately on each device.

Both the Desktop and Mobile sections have the same options to customize:

  • Layout - this is where you can edit the standard look of the Landing Page, you can add a background image or choose a background color, and add an additional image too

  • SMS and Email opt-in ( if both channels were selected) - this is how the Landing Page will be displayed where the visitor needs to provide the email address and/or the phone number

  • SMS and Email error ( if both channels were selected) - this is how the Landing Page will be displayed if the visitor provides the email address and/or the phone number incorrectly

  • SMS success - this is how the Landing Page will be displayed after the visitor successfully provided the phone number

  • Location error - this is how the Page will be displayed if the URL is clicked from a country outside US and Canada

When you click on these sections, you can edit each of them on the right side of the page.

If you are choosing the Email+SMS one step Landing page you will need to set up the Email input field as Optional in the Email and SMS opt-in section.

Otherwise you can set it up as mandatory and have the details collected in one step. (Desktop setup will be copied to the Mobile settings)

Once you edit the Desktop version, your settings will be synced to the Mobile version, except the Layout. The opt-in, the error, the success pages, and the Location error can be customized for Desktop and Mobile separately when you uncheck the box on the right side of the editor.

The Layout settings will not be synced from Desktop to Mobile. This needs to be edited separately for the different devices, making sure the images fit the screen properly.

When you are ready with building up your Landing Page for both Desktop and Mobile, you can save it as a draft or activate it right away in the upper right corner. Note that in order to save the opt-in as a draft the Page title and the URL have to be set. The rest of the setup will be needed before activating the opt-in.

Landing Page Margin customization

The Landing Page content will appear between your store’s header and footer. Depending on your Shopify theme and default margin setup, you might notice an extra empty space on the Landing Page. In order to get rid of this empty space, you can customize the top and bottom margins in the Landing Page Editor, Layout section.

The default margins in Recart will be 0px. If empty space appears on your Landing Page, you’ll need to update the margins. We are not able to show the actual margins in the preview, hence once you edited them you’ll need to check the page live. Customize the margin until the empty space is no longer visible. We recommend you increase 5-10px at a step until you get the desired look.

Important notes:

  • After editing the margins it’s recommended to open the Landing Page in an incognito window to see the changes

  • The top and bottom margins need to be customized separately

  • The margins need to be customized separately for desktop and mobile

How to view your Landing Page Opt-in?

Your saved Landing Page Opt-in will appear on the Opt-in Tools Page.

When its status is active you can view the page live. By clicking on its name you can go back to the General section of the Editor, where you will see both the full URL and the Shortened link of the Landing Page Opt-in. By clicking on the icon above them, you can copy the URL-s to your clipboard and paste them to your browser to view what the Landing Page looks like.

When the status is inactive or when the Landing Page is saved as a draft, you can preview it in the Editor, within the Layout sections.

Or you can preview the page from your Shopify Admin, Pages menu. The Landing Page will appear here with Hidden status. Click on its name and click Preview Page.

Statistics and status of Landing Page Opt-in Tools

On the Opt-in Tools page, you will see the statistics and the status of each opt-in tool.


  • Impressions - how many times the Landing Page was viewed

  • Clicks - how many times have visitors clicked on a field or on a button on the Landing Page

  • CTR - Click-through-rate shows the ratio between the impressions and clicks

  • Subscribers - how many SMS subscribers opted-in via the Landing Page


The Landing Page Opt-in status is either active or inactive. When active, the landing page is visible, when inactive it is hidden. You can change the status by clicking the three dots next to the name of the Landing Page. You will then see the option to activate or deactivate it.

In the same view, you also have the option to Duplicate and Rename your Opt-in tool.

Landing Page Opt-in Use Cases

Active Landing Page URL-s can be promoted via any online and offline channels.


Include the URL in your promotional emails, add it to your Instagram Bio, or social media stories where adding a link is possible.


Create a QR code of the Landing Page URL and promote it offline. You can print it on flyers, banners, business cards, etc.

If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team.