You can add unique discount codes to your Recart text messages. This feature allows you to avoid misuse of your discount codes. Each discount code is unique to one user, they can be used only once, they can not be shared with others, and therefore you will be able to track sales accurately.

In case you prefer sending out general discount codes that are static for every subscriber, please check this article.

Find the step-by-step guide below to add unique discount codes to your messages.

1. Creating a new discount code in Shopify

Unlike with general discount codes, you will need to start creating a new code within Shopify. We recommend you always create a new code that was not used anywhere else for tacking the sales accurately.

Note: Unique codes will have the same characteristics as this code that you will create.

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin and go to the Discounts menu and click on Create discount.

  2. Choose Amount off order. ( The discount will be applied to the total order value.)

  3. Select the Discount code method, add a name, type the value of the discount code, and set up the rest.

  4. Make sure you set the total usage limit for each code to 1 - this is a crucial step in order to create a unique discount code.

  5. When the discount code is set up, click on the Save button.

  6. Once the discount code is saved, a Shopify discount ID is being generated, it will appear at the end of the discount code’s URL. Copy this number for later, it will be needed when you create the discount code pool.

2. Creating the unique discount code pool in Recart

Once you created the discount code, you can start creating the pool where all the unique codes will be generated. When you want to send unique discount codes you will need to add the pool to your message. Log in to your Recart account to start creating your pool.

  1. Go to your Recart Dashboard and click on Discounts and Create new.

  2. Create the discount code pool where the unique codes will be generated.

  • Type the name of the discount code pool.

  • Copy the Shopify discount ID from your Shopify Admin

The Shopify discount ID is the sequence at the end of the URL of the discount code you created at the previous step ( Step 1.6.)

Please note that only one pool can be saved with one Shopify discount ID. If you do not have a discount ID to use, you will need to create a new discount code in Shopify first, then copy that discount code’s ID here.

  • Add the discount code pool size

Discount code pool size is the number of available unique discount codes that will be generated within your pool. The minimum/default amount is 10.000. Once messages are being sent out including the unique codes, the pool will be refilled automatically overtime to the given pool size. The maximum amount of the pool size is 1 million.

After having the three above steps completed, click on the Save button. Please note that once the pool is saved you will not be able to edit or delete it. Only the pool size can be modified once it is saved.

  • Add a discount code prefix (optional)

You can customize your unique discount codes with a prefix. For instance, if you add your brand’s name to this field, the unique discount codes will consist of your brand’s name + 6 random characters. The prefix will be always added before the random characters. If you leave this field empty, the unique discount codes will have no prefix, they will consist of 6 random characters only.

Once the pool is saved it will appear in the pool list. You will see the status of the unique codes that are being generated. Please note that it takes time to generate the unique codes and upload them to Shopify. The uploading time varies based on the pool size. On average we can upload 10.000 discount codes to Shopify in 15 minutes.


In case you plan to create a much bigger pool, we recommend creating it in advance to make sure the uploading time does not delay your planned campaign sending!

If your pool size is smaller than your targeted segment, you will not be able to send or schedule your message. In this case, you will need to increase the pool size or chose another pool that covers the audience.

If your pool size is big enough to cover your audience, but you do not have enough unique discount codes within, you will not be able to send the message immediately, but you will be able to schedule it for later. Make sure you have enough discount codes in your pool to cover your target segment at the moment of sending.

3. Add unique discount codes to your SMS message

Unique discount codes can be added to both Automated flows and Campaigns.

Technically it is possible to add the same pool to multiple messages, but we recommend creating separate pools for each message in order to track sales accurately.

On the other hand, it is not possible to add multiple pools to one message. Within one message you will be able to send only one unique discount code!

Follow the below steps to add a unique discount code to your SMS message. Open the sequence editor of the message you want to add the unique discount code to.

  1. Click on the % icon, then on Add unique discount code.

  2. Select the pool from the dropdown you created in the previous step.

  3. Once you add the pool, the discount code name will appear in the message.

Please note that ‘UNIQUE’ is a placeholder for the unique discount code in the editor view. Each recipient will see their unique discount codes.

Please do not remove the discount item in your flow. The discount code will be automatically applied on the checkout page from the URL click.

Don’t forget to add a link to your message and connect it to your discount code.

Click on the link icon and choose the link type most suitable and connect it to your discount code. Please check this article for more details on how to add links to your flows.

Click Insert link and your shortened link will be shown at the end of your flow.

Unique discount codes in message flow

Please note that when you add unique discount codes to a flow that contains multiple messages, we will send multiple unique discount codes to the same subscriber. At the moment we are not able to send the same unique discount code in follow-up messages that was sent in the first message. If you’d still prefer using unique codes the workaround can be removing the code itself from the follow-up messages and keeping only the discount URL. ( The different discount URL-s will still have different unique discount codes, but the user will only see them at the checkout when they are applied automatically after clicking the link.) Besides removing the code itself from the follow-ups, it is also recommended to highlight that the code will be automatically applied at the checkout after having the link clicked.

Tracking and editing the unique discount codes

Unique discount codes can not be edited from Recart. You can change the type, the value, etc. from your Shopify Discounts menu.

To check the uploaded discount codes within the pool, go back to your Shopify Admin - Discounts menu, click on the discount code you created in Step 1 and click View all codes.

All unique discount codes consist of 6 random characters. ( Except if a prefix is added while creating the pool.) The discount code you have created in Shopify in order to create the pool will not be sent to your customers. ( Unique discount 1 in the below example.) Only the randomly generated unique codes will be included in your messages. You will be able to track if the codes were used in this view in the Used column.

In case you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team, we are happy to help. 😊

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