Utilizing the Browse Abandonment flow you can remind your subscribers of items they checked and did not purchase. Target them with exclusive follow-ups, further discounts based on their interests, or useful product knowledge that can help encourage them to order.

How to activate the Browse Abandonment flow?

  1. Go to Automated Flows, and click Browse Abandonment.

  2. Click on SMS Browse Abandonment.

  3. You will be redirected to the flow editor, where the default flow will open.


The first item of the Browse Abandonment flow is a delay. By default, the flow will be sent 3 hours after the subscriber checked a product page and left the store. You can modify the delay if you’d like to.


The next items are certain conditions that assure the flow will be sent to those subscribers who

  • Have visited a product page

  • Have no items in their cart

  • Have not placed an order in 30 days

We recommend you do not edit these conditions, so the Browse Abandonment flow will not interfere with your other Automated Flows.


You can find a template in the editor. The text can be customized according to your liking. We recommend you keep the Product name and Product URL variables in the message. These variables will be synced automatically from Shopify based on the product page the subscriber visited the last time during their browsing session.

Pro tip: If you are adding a discount code to your Browse Abandonment flow, remove the discount code URL and keep the Product URL variable in the message. This way you can redirect the user to the Product Page they visited instead of your homepage.

To remove the discount code URL, move your cursor to the end of the URL and click backspace.

You will need to confirm you’d like to keep the discount code in the message after deleting the discount URL. For this, click Back to editor on the popup window. Learn more about adding Discount Codes to your messages in this article.

4. When you are done editing your Browse Abandonment flow move the toggle in the upper right corner to activate it. You can change the flow’s status here anytime.

Browse Abandonment Flow Sending Rules

  • A subscriber can receive a maximum of one Browse Abandonment message after each browsing session

  • Even if the subscriber checked multiple products, they will only receive the product name and the URL of the product they last visited during their browsing session

  • Revisiting the store during the timeframe of the delay will abort triggering the Browse Abandonment flow

  • Placing items in the cart or purchasing will also block triggering the Browse Abandonment flow

  • The sending of the Browse Abandonment flow will be postponed if the subscriber is in Quiet Hours

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team.

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