Exit Intent Pop Up

Learn how to grab your customers’ attention before they exit your store with an Exit Intent SMS Popup.

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An Exit Intent Popup is an attention-grabbing display that appears on a user’s screen when a website detects that they are about to leave. When implemented effectively, exit intent popups provide great value to businesses and their customers. They are perfect for boosting conversion rates, and give you one more chance to turn abandoning visitors into subscribers and paying customers!

How to Create an Exit Intent Popup

  1. Go to Opt-in Tools and click “Create New


  2. Select Popup as your type of opt-in tool


  3. Name your popup and select the settings you would like to use with it.


  4. On the General page, link your popup to an active welcome flow and set the trigger to “on user’s exit intent”.

    • You can decide which interactions you would like to have trigger the exit intent popup, namely:
      • when a customer scrolls up fast
      • when they open a new tab
      • when the cursor is leaving the viewport (desktop only)
    • You can also dictate the behavior of the exit intent popup should another popup’s minimized view be visible (i.e. the minimized view of your initial welcome popup). You can choose:
      • the exit intent popup will open instead of the other popup’s minimized view
      • the exit intent popup will not open should another popup’s minimized view be visible

    🚨 Please note: it is important to know that only one maximized pop-up, and one minimized view button, will be displayed at any given time. 2 pop-ups and/or minimized buttons will never be displayed at the same time.


  5. Design your exit intent popup to suit your brand’s needs. For more information on how to create and design a popup, read our Popup Opt-in Tool article.


  6. Save your exit intent popup as active. It will then appear in your opt-in tools list.


    🚨 Unsure of the effectiveness or value? Try A/B Testing!

You now have your Welcome Popup and Exit Intent Popup active! 🚀




Here are some examples to get inspired by! 💡✨

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307121804iScreen Shoter - 20240307121937722iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307105125iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307105020

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307104422iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307104604

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307094426iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307094258

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307093254iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307093532

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307111028iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307110936

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307105733iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307105936

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307101909iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307102111

iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307103808iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 240307103921


For more information on Popups, see our article on SMS Popup Best Practices.

Please let us know if you have questions, we are happy to help. 😊