SMS Settings

Learn more about establishing your SMS Settings with Recart

What are SMS Settings?

Under SMS Settings, you can:

  1. View your sending phone number/s
  2. Set up a branded URL to be used in your SMS messages
  3. Set Smart Sending and Quiet Hours
  4. Create your unique contact card

How to access SMS Settings:

  1. Go to settings at the bottom left corner

  2. Select SMS at the top of the page

    SMS Settings 1a

Sending Settings:

Branded URL

By using branded URLs in your text messages you can grow your brand awareness and improve the trust of your customers. The higher the level of trust towards your links, the higher the click-through rate you can reach.

You can select the domain name section of the URL, choosing between a longer version which is better for visibility, or a shortened one to save characters.


Learn how to add Branded URLs to your text messages.

Smart Sending

Smart sending makes sure you do not send promotional text messages too often to your subscribers. Texts will not be sent during the allocated hours. You can set smart sending between 0-168 hours. We'd recommend 8 hours as your smart sending period, which means that after receiving a promotional SMS the user won't get a new message for 8 hours.

Read about setting up your Smart Sending.

Quiet Hours

Avoid bothering your SMS subscribers by setting up Quiet Hours properly.

Quiet hours prevent subscribers from receiving promotional text messages during a specified time frame, usually at night. Texts will be queued and sent out once Quiet hours are over.

Read about setting up your Quiet Hours.

Contact Card

Let your subscribers save your phone number easily by creating and sharing your Contact card.

By adding a Contact card to your text messages your subscribers can save your phone number to their contacts easily with an associated image and some additional information.

Learn how to create your Contact Card.


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team. 😊